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Starting an online T-shirt business is a popular choice for both beginner and veteran ecommerce entrepreneurs. As an ecommerce store, T-shirts are cheap to source, have universal appeal, and are relatively simple to customize.

If you’ve been thinking about starting your own online T-shirt business, it’s important that you’re aware that it’s a competitive field in ecommerce. If you want to succeed, you’ll need to make sure that your store stands out from the rest. To ensure this, it’s important that you source high-quality products, have your own T-shirt designs, and learn how to brand.

This may sound like a daunting process, especially if it’s your first time starting an ecommerce business, but don’t worry — we’re here to help you. 

Let’s get started.

Don’t wait for someone else to do it. Hire yourself and start calling the shots.

1. Design your t-shirt.

Be sure to create a high quality resolution design that will look good at the size you want it on your t-shirt. While a design might look okay on your computer, it might not show up well on a t-shirt. You might consider hiring a designer to create a high quality image.

2. Test your design.

Before investing time and money, do market research to determine if your t-shirt will appeal to buyers. First, decide who the ideal buyer for your t-shirt idea would be, and then seek out members of that market to get their feedback on your idea. You don’t just want to know if they’d buy your t-shirt, but also, what price they’d pay.

3. Write a business plan.

A good business plan guides you through each stage of starting and managing your business. You’ll use your business plan as a roadmap for how to structure, run, and grow your new business. It’s a way to think through the key elements of your business.

4. Create a business name.

You can create and start selling t-shirts online in a matter of minutes, but if you plan to make a living at it, you should create an official business. Starting a business begins with coming up with a business name. Your name should reflect your t-shirt, but not limit your ability to expand on your t-shirt line. While you may set up shop through a digital t-shirt printing company, you may want to set up your own website as well, and for that, you’ll want to buy the domain name.


5. Make your business legal.

Like a brick-and-mortar business, you will need to file all the appropriate business-formation documents and other paperwork to ensure your new business has a solid legal foundation. This includes:

  • Registering your business with the appropriate government authorities
  • Obtaining all the required permits and licenses
  • Meeting all federal and state tax requirements, such as applying for state and federal tax ID numbers

Since these requirements vary on a state-by-state basis and the nature of your business, it’s important to do your research so you meet any applicable requirements. Again, it’s often helpful to consult with an attorney with experience in business startups in your particular industry to make certain you’re on the right track.

6. Protect your design.

Just as you don’t want to infringe on another company’s copyright or trademark, you don’t want others profiting off your design either. Look into protecting your designs and logo through copyright or trademark.

7. Price your t-shirt.

The very first thing you should consider when pricing your t-shirts for retail is how much it costs to produce them. Of course, you want to keep costs somewhat low, but not at the expense of quality. Something we’ve found to be universally true is that people are willing to pay more for a retail quality tshirt, rather than a shirt that’s ill-fitting and has a rough feel.

That being said, don’t be afraid to price your t-shirts for what they’re worth. If you’re selling a high-quality t-shirt, make sure your price communicates that. If you’re pricing your t-shirts for less than they’re worth, your customers are going to perceive them as less than they’re worth. So price them as they should be priced, and let your product speak for itself.

8. Select a printer.

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9. Market your t-shirt.

There are many ways to market your new t-shirt, but they all start with knowing the best buyer for your t-shirt (age, gender, etc), where you can find him/her, and putting your t-shirt in front of them. If your target t-shirt buyer is a zombie-loving high school student, market your t-shirt where zombie-loving high school students hang out online and off.

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